1. Where can I find the City's current parking regulations?

    Colwood’s current parking regulations can be found within the Land Use Bylaw. In addition, the Colwood Official Community Plan identifies parking supply and/or design requirements in certain neighborhoods.

    2. Why is a parking bylaw important?

    Off-street parking regulations are one of the many ways the City’s strategic plan and Official Community Plan will be realized. This includes ensuring that the right amount of parking is provided in future development and that all parking facilities are well designed and safe. Further, updated off-street parking regulations will help the City address its key objectives, such as increasing the provision of bicycle parking, ensuring universal access through provision of accessible parking, and supporting a shift to electric mobility through provision of charging facilities for electric vehicles and electric bicycles.

    3. What are Off-Street Parking Regulations?

    Off-street parking regulations determine the number, type, design and layout of parking spaces required as part of all new development. This addresses parking for conventional vehicles, as well as specialty parking for accessible vehicles, visitors and electric vehicles. Requirements for bicycle parking may also be included.

    4. What do Off-Street Parking Regulations not address?

    Off-street parking regulations do not address any requirement for on-street parking supply. On-street parking requirements are part of the frontage improvements required of new development. Further, consideration of time or user restrictions on on-street parking are determined by the municipality and are not included in off-street parking regulations.

    5. Once complete, what will the bylaw include?

    The off-street parking bylaw will include all off-street parking requirements for new development.

    This may sound complicated, and it can be. But the result will be clear, easily understood parking regulations that are up-to-date and better aligned with the City’s over arching policies and objectives.

    6. How long will this process take?

    The bylaw update process is currently underway and is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2020. Please check in for regular updates and to follow the bylaw update’s progress.

    7. How will COVID-19 affect this process?

    We will engage the general public and stakeholders to learn more about current parking pressures and other considerations which will be informed by past and current parking observations. We have taken public health recommendations into account and are relying heavily on virtual surveys and 'sounding boards' in popular Colwood shops that will help us safely gather feedback where people are already gathering or completing essential trips (ie. coffee shops, grocery stores, or recreational locations).