What is a Short Term Vacation Rental

    A Short Term Vacation Rental is the use of a dwelling as a rental unit for a period of less than 30 days.

    How is a Short Term Vacation Rental different from a Bed & Breakfast?

    In a Bed & Breakfast, the owner is present when the single-family residence is rented for overnight accommodation and the optional serving of a meal. Short Term Vacation Rentals offer accommodation in the absence of the owner.

    Are Short Term Vacation Rentals permitted in Colwood?

    The City of Colwood does not currently regulate Short Term Vacation Rentals. 

    Why is Colwood considering regulating Short Term Vacation Rentals now?

    Short Term Vacation Rentals, beyond bed and breakfasts or tourist accommodations (e.g. hotel/motel), are not currently defined in the CIty's bylaws. An understanding of community expectations will allow Colwood Council to consider potential impacts, options and approaches with respect to regulation.