Are changes planned at Lookout Lake?

    A 2017 assessment required by the Province found that action is required to ensure the dam meets current safety standards and will protect people in the event of a major earthquake. Colwood Council was presented with several options and has resolved to move forward with upgradin g the dam

    When will upgrades to the dam take place?

    First, Council has directed staff and consultants to refine designs and cost estimates, and submit a grant application to offset the cost of the upgrades. The detailed project, along with the outcome of the grant application will be presented for Council consideration as part of the 2020 budget process.

    Will upgrades to the dam affect Lookout Lake or the surrounding park?

    Safety upgrades proposed for the dam will not impact how the community enjoys Lookout Lake or the surrounding parks and trails. Extra materials may be added to the dam, which has the potential to allow for a new access point to the lake, but those details won't be confirmed until detailed design and costing is presented to Council.

    When was the dam built at Lookout Lake?

    The dam was built by a private forestry company in 1958, before the City of Colwood was incorporated. As a result, 

    there is limited information available about the design and construction of the dam.